Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lesson #4 and other interesting sorts of things

In lesson #4 I visited all of the websites and can see where the Library thing could be very good for clubs, groups, educators and of course individuals wishing to keep records of personal choices in reading. I think it's a bit much for me personally, but I will surely recommend it to my college/sr high age grandchildren, nieces and nephews,

At Technorati, the blogs were interesting with things like make money on line by Pro Blogger, Blutoo or TMZ.com, posted only one hour before my visit, alluding to a theory that scientology might have saved Anna Nicole Smith, darn the luck, where is Tom Cruise then you need him. This is not to make light of a tragic death, but to show how strange it can get out there in space.

Leaving Technorati I went to del.io.us, watched the tutorial and downloaded the tool bar, even though I may not use it. I did find a couple of web-sites to share, www.amillionpenguins.com,
an interactive writing project, a girls best friend, www.camileonheels.com, shoes with convertible heels, and finally for anyone who has a story and surely we all have a story, there is
www.devinecaroline.com, where your story can be published.

I had fun with this lesson, although I'm not sure I will use the programs a lot, at least not until I
get DSL, dial up is just too slow.