Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lesson #7 Fun Fun Fun

Yes it was a fun lesson. I had a banner made expressing my feelings that day, however I could not get it to my blog, rather it ended up on my desktop and of all places, outgoing Email. Very strange, I'm hoping that Tammy will be able to help me straighten this out eventually. Same thing with my Countries map, in transferring to the blog, not just the map but the entire website appeared, again I'm hoping for Tammy to help as I am doing reading at home and adding to the blog at the Library. We shall see if it will work with Tammys help.

RSS feeds and Bloglines

RI used the RSS feed symbols to set up the microfeeds since it seemed to be the easiest. I was able to access, BBC World News, St. Louis Today.Com, Columbia Tribune and St. Louis Post Dispatch-top news. The feeds are really helpful, especially if you get much of your news on line.

Is it possible with the news so available on line, that we are seeing the beginning of the end for newspapers?