Thursday, June 21, 2007

Library Thing Lesson #12

In Lesson #4 my Library Thing account was established. It is, I have been unable to establish the Html link, so feeling like the last runner limping across the finish line, it's bye for now from Hope.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lessons learned by Lesson #11

Librarian 2.0 really sets a new path for libraries and librarians of today and the future. It appears to be tech now, tech future and forever, no doubt heading to a place where personal contact between library staff and patron is less and less. Change can be difficult, we would so miss, helping 5 year old Haden look for Super Croc.

In the beginning I hesitated doing this program, given my dial up modem and in general my lack of computer knowledge, however, I am very glad I signed up, having learned so much about this tech world , where we find ourselves.

The information to be found on line is so vast it simply boggles the mind. I'm not sure I did all the lessons correctly, in fact I'm pretty sure I did not, but even where I was not successful (the map), I still learned much. I thank MRRL and all those staff members who so generously made this learning program available to all staff.

It would be great if much of this information trickles down to our patrons, some struggling with the catalog or internet programs or not using them at all. I guess after all that is where we come in, aiding them by using the things we have learned.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lesson Ten - Podcasts

First I experimented with Flukeist, well why not? Photo story and vidio sharing, not my cup of tea, as in "what happened to your clothes missy", but I guess if you want exposure, it works and of course it is just another example of a world gone tech.

After spending an hour downloading a podcast, "cows with guns", not library related, just looked funny, but after all that time I lost the download as I set up my account. Oh well, next I downloaded a shorter podcast "pandas at play", I think it is going to be on this post, fingers crossed. After setting up my account, I realized Youtube is a show in itself, so much to see, so little time. Tools for locating podcasts are very helpful and as I thought animals would be a safe bet for cute, it was easy to find a short, cute one using these tools.

It appears these sites will replace other forms of entertainment and information gathering. It is amazing how many politicians are using them to get their platforms and positions to the public in hopes of winning upcoming elections.

YouTube - Panda Play

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lesson #9, Google Labs, Awards, etc.

In google labs I did trends, "what the world is searching for". I had no idea this was information available to all, visiting the music trends however, I recognized so few performers , it's slightly
embarrasing, #1 Linkin park, never heard of , #2 Akon, only knew of him because of really baaad publicity a couple weeks ago, #3 I knew , so perhaps what the world is searching for may not be what I'm searching for, as in all things it needs to apply to be beneficial.

The google maps would be helpful for navigating cities, also google transit lab would be good if you use public transportation when visiting cities as I do.

It's sure that many of the labs will become part of the main google site. The tools were easy to use and most amazing, even on my dial up, they were fast. What's up with that?

On the apps and tools, short list, read the explanation/definition of 2.0, then went on the the awards list. Choosing 2.0 awards Zeitgeist, #l place Books, Lula, another publish and sell site. After taking the tour on how to get started and watching the demo, It appears that writers, musicians, even proud grandparents could use this program.

Checking the other winners, not suprising Technorati in first place for Blog guides and Library
thing winning 3rd for books category.

As to Library use, Lulu could be helpful in publishing programs, in the making of brochures, calenders, etc.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lesson #8 Con't, search engines

In the search engine section, I used Wink, Gravee, Yahoo. Using the personal data format, I searched for a friend and the information available was pretty much the same on all three, however, Yahoo was the only one that had the correct date of birth showing him at 49 years old, while the others had his age at 72. Yahoo was also faster. All three engines would have given further information for $9.95. I also visited Katoo, it was very interesting visually and turned up with the correct birthdate and address for my friend.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lesson #8 and what a lesson it turned out to be

I started lesson #8 by reading Rick Anderson's article on "Away from the Icebergs", and found it to be very informative. In fact the area of "just in case print collection", really tells the tech story. We can't afford the space and no longer need the volumn print collections. Patrons more and more will access the new avenues for all mterials. Still I can't imagine, on a snowy afternoon, in front of the fireplace, reading a book on line. Somehow that just seems wrong.

Continuing the reading in lesson #8, I thought perhaps things had gone too far with 4.0 and the description Dr. Wendy Schultz provided of the dream society, where libraries are mind gyms or art saloons, having not replaced libraries 2.0 and 3, but absorbing them, being mobile, providing all manner of information to our enlighted patrons. These spaces will be comfortable, gracious places with private sponsers, good lighting, find coffee and single malt, but wait, we're doing all of the above now, well everything except the coffee and single malt, and somehow it seems we have arrived back to that snowy afternoon in front of the fireplace.

This is such a complex subject, I really do not feel I understand all of the changes being made now and those certainly just around the corner, in services libraries provide patrons and of course the changing role of librarians, staff and patrons as we proceed into this new tech world.

I really hope that our libraries do not go the way of major corporations, where the library assistant answering the phone is in India or the Phillippines. If that happens I've got the straw and I'm looking for the camel.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lesson #7 Fun Fun Fun

Yes it was a fun lesson. I had a banner made expressing my feelings that day, however I could not get it to my blog, rather it ended up on my desktop and of all places, outgoing Email. Very strange, I'm hoping that Tammy will be able to help me straighten this out eventually. Same thing with my Countries map, in transferring to the blog, not just the map but the entire website appeared, again I'm hoping for Tammy to help as I am doing reading at home and adding to the blog at the Library. We shall see if it will work with Tammys help.

RSS feeds and Bloglines

RI used the RSS feed symbols to set up the microfeeds since it seemed to be the easiest. I was able to access, BBC World News, St. Louis Today.Com, Columbia Tribune and St. Louis Post Dispatch-top news. The feeds are really helpful, especially if you get much of your news on line.

Is it possible with the news so available on line, that we are seeing the beginning of the end for newspapers?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lesson #4 and other interesting sorts of things

In lesson #4 I visited all of the websites and can see where the Library thing could be very good for clubs, groups, educators and of course individuals wishing to keep records of personal choices in reading. I think it's a bit much for me personally, but I will surely recommend it to my college/sr high age grandchildren, nieces and nephews,

At Technorati, the blogs were interesting with things like make money on line by Pro Blogger, Blutoo or, posted only one hour before my visit, alluding to a theory that scientology might have saved Anna Nicole Smith, darn the luck, where is Tom Cruise then you need him. This is not to make light of a tragic death, but to show how strange it can get out there in space.

Leaving Technorati I went to, watched the tutorial and downloaded the tool bar, even though I may not use it. I did find a couple of web-sites to share,,
an interactive writing project, a girls best friend,, shoes with convertible heels, and finally for anyone who has a story and surely we all have a story, there is, where your story can be published.

I had fun with this lesson, although I'm not sure I will use the programs a lot, at least not until I
get DSL, dial up is just too slow.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Friend Flickr

Flickr is perhaps the most interesting of the programs I have subscribed to in this learning process. I simply did not realize this program was so extensive, I loved Retriever and rating the sketches was a hoot. I did the black and white sketch and the matches truly amazed.

The trip planner is also very interesting and although I did not plan a trip at this time, I'm sure I will use the site in the future if the lord is willing and the cost of transporation drops abit.

The mappr was also appealing as a way to share trip memories with family and friends. I followed one tagged "route 66", from Jollet Illinois to the California coast, through St. Louis with a stop at the famous "Coral Courts Motel", I'm kidding about the Motel stop, but the motel is on the route.

I posted three photos on Flickr and the one showing on this blog I uploaded from that site, I will do more later, I have a dial up modem at home and it is so slow.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Originally uploaded by hope65061.
Tower of London, 2005, visiting the wives of Henry the VIII.

Monday, February 12, 2007

new friends

My my, my space with 158,000,000 new friends, I will never be lonely again. As someone having been around long enough to remember crank box telephones and teletype machines, (no kids I do not remember smoke signals), this is truly an amazing new form of communication.

I have heard the argume nts pro and con for incorporating this program into library life, I think is must happen, but the "decider" on appropriate materials and applications is in for a challenge. As a concerned citizen, I have noted many things, pictures etc., on my space that are unacceptable for children, but having said that, it must also be noted that this is true for grafitti on walls and building in our cities and towns and even in many publications available everywhere.

This appears to be a wonderful tool, when properly used, with appropriate controls, that will greatly benefit Library and Patron.

Meanwhile I will be hanging out with my new friends 158,000,000, and counting.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

wiki - a very new way

I must admit I was not familiar with wiki before starting this program. How interesting that you can add comments to wikipedia without verifying your source, a sort of buyer beware concept, but it is fast. It is really amazing, the amount of information out there and it is exciting to participate in a program that allows everyone to contribute ideas and share the knowledge.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

blog at last

It has taken me a while to start but I will try and catch up to the early bloggers. Looking forward to learning.