Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lessons learned by Lesson #11

Librarian 2.0 really sets a new path for libraries and librarians of today and the future. It appears to be tech now, tech future and forever, no doubt heading to a place where personal contact between library staff and patron is less and less. Change can be difficult, we would so miss, helping 5 year old Haden look for Super Croc.

In the beginning I hesitated doing this program, given my dial up modem and in general my lack of computer knowledge, however, I am very glad I signed up, having learned so much about this tech world , where we find ourselves.

The information to be found on line is so vast it simply boggles the mind. I'm not sure I did all the lessons correctly, in fact I'm pretty sure I did not, but even where I was not successful (the map), I still learned much. I thank MRRL and all those staff members who so generously made this learning program available to all staff.

It would be great if much of this information trickles down to our patrons, some struggling with the catalog or internet programs or not using them at all. I guess after all that is where we come in, aiding them by using the things we have learned.

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Bobbi said...

congrats on finishing the program!