Friday, June 15, 2007

Lesson Ten - Podcasts

First I experimented with Flukeist, well why not? Photo story and vidio sharing, not my cup of tea, as in "what happened to your clothes missy", but I guess if you want exposure, it works and of course it is just another example of a world gone tech.

After spending an hour downloading a podcast, "cows with guns", not library related, just looked funny, but after all that time I lost the download as I set up my account. Oh well, next I downloaded a shorter podcast "pandas at play", I think it is going to be on this post, fingers crossed. After setting up my account, I realized Youtube is a show in itself, so much to see, so little time. Tools for locating podcasts are very helpful and as I thought animals would be a safe bet for cute, it was easy to find a short, cute one using these tools.

It appears these sites will replace other forms of entertainment and information gathering. It is amazing how many politicians are using them to get their platforms and positions to the public in hopes of winning upcoming elections.

YouTube - Panda Play

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