Monday, June 11, 2007

Lesson #9, Google Labs, Awards, etc.

In google labs I did trends, "what the world is searching for". I had no idea this was information available to all, visiting the music trends however, I recognized so few performers , it's slightly
embarrasing, #1 Linkin park, never heard of , #2 Akon, only knew of him because of really baaad publicity a couple weeks ago, #3 I knew , so perhaps what the world is searching for may not be what I'm searching for, as in all things it needs to apply to be beneficial.

The google maps would be helpful for navigating cities, also google transit lab would be good if you use public transportation when visiting cities as I do.

It's sure that many of the labs will become part of the main google site. The tools were easy to use and most amazing, even on my dial up, they were fast. What's up with that?

On the apps and tools, short list, read the explanation/definition of 2.0, then went on the the awards list. Choosing 2.0 awards Zeitgeist, #l place Books, Lula, another publish and sell site. After taking the tour on how to get started and watching the demo, It appears that writers, musicians, even proud grandparents could use this program.

Checking the other winners, not suprising Technorati in first place for Blog guides and Library
thing winning 3rd for books category.

As to Library use, Lulu could be helpful in publishing programs, in the making of brochures, calenders, etc.

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